'Inspiring Change'



Terms and conditions

  1. Client refers to any person or organisation that attends orders or uses any of the coaching services, workshops, training courses or products of Affinity.
  2. Affinity offers a range of personal and corporate services, products, workshops, seminars and training designed to assist clients to make changes to their behaviours utilising a wide variety of techniques including but not limited to hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Design Human Engineering (DHE); all services, products and training is provided for educational purposes only and are designed to assist the client to change their behaviours.
  3. The services and products provided to clients will hereafter be referred to as “coaching” and are provided to clients without prejudice.
  4. Additional terms and conditions may apply for corporate coaching, training, workshops, master classes, seminars and products. They will be in addition to these terms and will not exclude or super cede any of the terms contained in this document.
  5. These terms and conditions of trading are unequivocal and super cede any qualifications made by any client whatsoever at any time in any medium.
  6. Affinity operates and provides its services in accordance with UK laws.
  7. Affinity is committed to using modern therapeutic and educational health strategies in order to coach clients and help re-educate them to make better life style choices and behavioural changes. All coaching products and services are educational health programmes and should be used complementary to and not instead of any conventional medical advice or treatments. If it is deemed appropriate and with their consent, Affinity will liaise between clients and their conventional medical health professional in order to help a client to make any significant lifestyle or health education changes.
  8. Affinity’s best efforts will be made to help clients to effect change however because of the nature of the services and products offered we are unable to offer guarantees of success; clients enter into any coaching fully aware of this.
  9. Affinity maintains client notes and records these are kept securely for 7 years at which point they are deleted/paper records are disposed of by shredding. Any recordings made for clients are kept on a secure sever for 12 months when they are deleted.
  10. All client information is confidential and never used or passed on; except in exceptional circumstances such as when needed by the courts or police, or when informed of information of a criminal, illegal or immoral nature when we have a legal and moral obligation to make such information including notes and recording available.
  11. Affinity may use any testimonials given for promotion and marketing purposes.
  12. All coaching is to be paid for at the end of the session or before dispatch of any products ordered. Payment must be made by either cash or bank transfer.
  13. All invoices are payable 30 days net of  presentation and client sessions are to be paid in full at the commencement of the first appointment.
  14. A telephone booking for an appointment will be deemed to be a confirmation of the client’s reserving the services and time; the person attending the session will be responsible for making payment.
  15. Appointment times for coaching are booked either on the hour or on the half hour but will generally start 5 minutes after the appointment time given, please ensure you arrive no earlier then 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.
  16. The client is responsible for his or her own travel arrangements and parking and for arriving on time at their appointment. Please check the location of the appointment. Because we are often working with clients and are unable to answer the phones please ensure you check the location before leaving, as we may not be able to help clients with directions whilst clients are en-route.
  17. Should it be agreed that the appointment will be held at the client’s own premises, travel costs will be charged pro-rata our normal consultation rates for travel time plus transport costs a total will be agreed before the session and confirmed in writing. The client will be responsible for providing a safe and un-interrupted place of work.
  18. Please give at least 48 hours notice of cancellation or re-scheduling of your appointment for any reason whatsoever by phoning 07963702355. Clients cancelling within a 48 hour period will be liable for the full standard appointment charge for the appointment cancelled.
  19. Clients failing to show for their appointment without sufficient prior notice forfeit their right to the session missed. If this is their first session and they have not yet pre-paid then the full session fee at normal session rates will be charged and we will invoice the client for the missed session. Collection terms as per item 27 will apply. A client in the middle of a coaching programme will be required to pay the cost of an additional session in order to complete the programme.
  20. Affinity reserves the right to halt, to cancel at any time or to refuse to offer any training, product, workshop or service to a client at anytime without prejudice for any cause or reason. If any programmes are stopped the client will be billed for coaching time already received at our standard hourly rate any refund due will be paid to the client by way of a cheque. If a client is attending a reduced rate programme then the standard hourly rate will apply to the costs calculation. Examples of reasonable causes for cancelling or halting a programme are persistent cancellation or lateness by the client, rudeness, violence or threat of, conflicts of interest (these examples are indicative of causes and are not exhaustive).
  21. Should there be a need for Affinity to cancel a clients appointment for any reason whatsoever including illness and any unforeseen circumstances we will make reasonable efforts to give adequate prior notice, Affinity can not accept any costs or claims for travel, inconvenience or any other aspect related to cancelled appointments. Cancellations are made without prejudice.
  22. In the event of late payment, non-payment or cancellation of a payment or of a cheque supplied without a cheque guarantee card or payment that is not cleared for any reason whatsoever it is the policy of Affinity to recover the monies due plus all related costs through the courts. Should it be required of Affinity to attend court for any reason whatsoever the client agrees to bear all costs related to any action including for the time spent in correspondence (a charge of £25 per letter written in relation to the event will be made), appointing a solicitor (at legal rates) and for our attending court and any time spent arranging recovery or attending court. All such costs for Affinity representatives’ time will be recorded billed for at our normal business consultancy rates,. In addition interest will be charged at 5% above base on a monthly basis chargeable until payment is received. We reserve all rights and remedies in this respect.
  23. Clients will be deemed to accept all responsibility for their own well-being and attend their sessions and undergo any of the techniques during and between their appointments of their own volition and free will.
  24. To protect our copyright all clients agree to withhold and refrain from any reporting, recording or copying of the coaching services, workshops, training courses or products in any medium or participating in the production of any such reporting. Any breach by the client will be regarded as an agreement on the client’s behalf to pay our reporting fee being a minimum £10,000 for each reporting event that is in breach of this term. Any reporting done will become our copyright and the client agrees to present Affinity with any fees or commissions earnt from their reporting; reporting can only be done with the express written permission and approval of Affinity who retains at all times right to veto any reporting at any stage without prejudice. We reserve all rights and remedies in this respect.
  25. All clients booking the services of Affinity upon commencing their first session will be deemed to have read and too have agreed to these terms and conditions whether they are signed or not.
  26. It is the responsibility of the client to keep us informed of any relevant health issues that may have a bearing on the efficacy of their programme before, between and during their appointments.
  27. Please note that these terms and conditions do not preclude your normal UK consumer rights.