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Executive coaching

The most successful business leaders know they can’t make it alone. Investing in employee training and education is essential for the growth of any business. 

'Changing businesses for good'

Learn how to empower your leadership team to take their management abilities to the next level and create a culture of confidence, where all employees are in alignment with the company growth and direction. You will learn how to communicate more effectively and develop the ability to think and create in ways you never thought possible.

This type of coaching is ideal for:

• Corporate managers

• Directors

• Executives

We will identify communication breakdowns within your organisation and work to foster attitudes and behaviours that will help you get more from your employees by getting more from their managers. Be prepared to learn about what impact you are having on others.

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How NLP Training Can Benefit My Business

Neuro-linguistic programming, otherwise known as NLP, focuses on the dynamics between the mind (neuro) and language (linguistic), and how they ultimately affect your communication and behaviour with others as well as yourself. NLP training is a structured way of programming your brain to communicate the right information to achieve your goals by understanding the cognitive processes behind your thoughts, words and actions.

In our NLP business coaching sessions, you will learn how to:

• Communicate more effectively via nonverbal cues and active listening

• Ask powerful questions to empower and inspire the team

• Harness NLP as a tool to influence and motivate others

• Coach for each team members unique learning and communication styles

• Motivate team members by building a ‘we’ culture

• Develop a culture of accountability

• Build relationships on trust and open dialogue

Affinity Coaching

Please give me a call or text me on 07963 702 355.

Alternatively send me an email using the button below


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