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Business Improvement Change

Operational excellence is a strategy for growth. Growth is vital to sustained profitability and business success. Businesses that focus on operational excellence are proven to more likely achieve improved lead-times, greater customer service levels and increased profit margins. Check out below some of the areas we specialise in to achieve operational excellence.


Sales and Operational Planning

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) is a process that engages Sales, Operations, Finance, as well as Product Development to collaborate for development of an integrated set of plans that all are committed to support the business. It should not be seen as a sales plan thrown over the wall to operations as a production plan. The purpose of S&OP is to balance supply and demand, to plan effectively based upon the best information available at a given point in time. 

The output of the S&OP process should be one integrated set of plans that shows;

Key financial forecasts

Rough cut capacity plans

Key raw material requiements

Lean Manufacturing

Lean is a transformative strategy that businesses embrace in order to improve competitive advantage and increase value to its customers. ​Here are some of the tools & techniques we specialise in;

Value Stream Mapping

5's - Workplace Organisation

OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

TPM - Total Productive Maintenance

SMED - Single Minute Exchange of Die

Factory Workflow and Layout

Pull System Implementation

Kanban Implementation

Structured Problem Solving

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Operations Management

To be affective at operations management, employees need to understand the strategy and have measures that are aligned to the overall business objectives. The day to day tasks become less about firefighting and more about issues management with action plans and structured problem solving to get things on track. Improvements become more sustainable and the business is less likely to revert back to old ways and inefficiency.

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