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                       Are you;                                                                                                                                     Does your:

                       Struggling to set a clear strategy for your business?                                                       Team under perform?

                       Struggling to achieve gross margin?                                                                                   Middle management lack leadership?

                       Finding it hard to improve your operational performance?

Affinity can help you......

Executive coaching

Affinity executive coaching can help businesses leaders and executives at a strategic level.

• Perhaps you are new in business and not sure which way to turn or what to do next?

• Are you stuck in a rut and feel like the world is on your shoulders?

• Do you feel your business is stagnating or going backwards?

• Have you hit a plateau in your business?

With years of experience Affinity can help and guide you and your business onwards and upwards.

Strategic Planning

Affinity strategic planning can help you formulate a clear direction for your business and ensure that all aspects of the organisation are aligned to the overall strategy of your business. Types of strategies include:

Business strategy

Operational strategy

Strategy deployment

Leadership coaching

Affinity leadership coaching helps individual leaders become better leaders; identifying key areas that will enable them to operate more effectively and more efficiently in order to get more out of the business itself. Learning these skills from an NLP coach will help an individual

• understand other colleagues and how they communicate

• improve how they communicate

• improve their ability to empathise and negotiate with colleagues,

employees and managers.

Business Improvement

Operational excellence is a strategy for growth. Growth is vital to sustained profitability and business success. Businesses that focus on business improvement are proven to more likely achieve improved lead-times, greater customer service levels and increased profit margins. Click on the icon above to learn about some of the areas we specialise in to achieve operational excellence.

Affinity Coaching

Please give me a call or text me on 07963 702 355.

Alternatively send me an email using the button below


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